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About Mania El Baba


At Beauty Forever, we believe in using personalized skin care treatments developed by Dr. Mania El Baba to rebuild your skin, as a trusted skin care expert in the industry Dr. Mania has quickly become sought after by the city’s beauty socialites.


Having over 30 years of experience in her field, Mania’s individualized facial treatments have treated all skin conditions using the latest and most updated methods and technologies in the beauty industry.
In 1999, Dr. Mania opened the doors to Beauty Forever Spa Center.


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What our clients say

The most comfortable place to get pampered with lots of amazing products and efficient treatments !

Elly Nasr

One of the best facials I have ever tried. The technicians are so professional and my face was glowing for weeks after the treatment. I highly recommend

Dana Khalil
The Best Facials in Town

At Beauty Forever our greatest desire is to pamper you beyond measure through our peaceful retreat. Our hushed and tranquil environment is designed to promote well being to the body, mind and spirit. Our spa delivers the utmost in leisure and rejuvenation along with the latest techniques. Get ready to be adored.